True Woship: What is It?

If you were to ask someone, “How would you define true worship?”

Most people would answer by talking about a style of music, various elements of a worship service, or they will start talking to you about their church, or their view of religion.

People are certainly confused about this subject. Worship is something that is internal yet many times manifests itself externally. True worship has to do with the heart.  Yes, I hope, we do worship as we pray, as we hear the Word of God read and proclaimed, as we give, and as we sing.  However, we can do all of those things and never really worship at all. They can all be just window dressing to an empty life.

Let me give some simple positive principles about true worship.

First, True Worship is God-Focused rather than man focused.  God is the “audience of One”. It is not about entertainment or “showing off” our churches talent.

Secondly, True Worship impacts our daily life rather than being detached from daily life.  The individual who truly worships will be transformed in their living. Our worship will be 24/7 because God becomes our focus instead of ourselves.

Finally, True Worship involves giving God our best.  Since God is above all, we are called to honor Him by giving Him the best we have. This includes ourselves, our time, our finances, our all!

“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

John 4:24

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