The Lord Makes Water Sweet — Exodus 15:22-27

No sooner do the Israelites get their song of praise out of thier mouths they begin complaining once again. It is amazing how quick we can forget who God is and what He has done for us.

The water was bitter so the people complain to Moses. I realize that this is just the beginning for complaining, murmuring and whining for the Israelites and I have to say that Moses handles it correctly this time. He goes to the Lord and the Lord supplies the answer.

I was eating in a resturant yesterday and saw a sign on the wall “Whining costs and extra $5″ If Moses had charged $5 for every time the Nation whined he could have retired early. Let us try to keep our grumbling down to a dull roar. We will be better off if we remember that God loves us and desires to care for us.

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