Sing a Song of the Heart — Exodus 15:1-20

Once God saved the Israelites from the Egyptian army they break into song basically telling the story of their salvation form their enemy.

I think that even if cannot carry a tune in a bucket, when the Lord works in our lives such as He did in these peoples’ lives He also puts a song in our hearts. I believe that the right music helps us to focus on the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus christ. After all He is the One who has saved us and given to us eternal life. We ought to have a song in our hearts.

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  1. Mary Jean Rose

    I am so thankful for the songs that i learned in Sunday school and church in years past. Most of the day i am humming a tune and it normally is a song of Praise to God. The joy it gives me (though i am not a singer) is unexplainable. Keep on with the music and reminding people of the singing in the Bible. I like your page and your writing. Plan to read the rest of it in the near future.

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