Bread From Heaven Exodus 16:1-36

The Nation israel is out in the wilderness for just a short time and they begin to complain to and against Moses because they had it so much better back in Egypt. They saw a full meat pot and bread coming out of their ears. It sure does not take us long before we forget how bad the good “ole days” really were. Irsrael did not have it better in the hands of Egyptian bondage than they do as a free nation under the hand of God. Neither do we! Freedom in Christ under the hand of God is far better and sweeter than any place we could be in life without Jesus Christ, the true Bread out of Heaven (John 6)

The Lord hears their cries and tells Moses that He will give meat at night and bread in the morning to see if the people will follow His commandments. Most of the folkks do what htey are told but there are always some who push the limits. Some gathered more than they should have trying to hoard and save themselves time and the manna gets worms, rots and stinks by the next morning. The Lord says OK on the sixth day gather enough for the Sabbath as well so you have something to eat on that day of worship. Most do but some decide that they will just go our on the Sabboth morning and gather. Sorry, no manna today you should have gathered yesterday for today.

Interesting every pother day if they gathered too much it went bad. So what is the difference on the sit=xth day—-The Lord! He is simply showing the people trhat He is God and they are not.

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